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Current committers

Public NameApache IDGithub IDOrganization
Akira AjisakaaajisakaaajisakaAWS
Bowen Liangbowenliangbowenliang123GF Securities
Binjie YangbinjieyangzwangshengPoizon
Bogdan KyryliukbkyryliukbkyryliukDropbox
Cheng Panchengpanpan3793NetEase
Dongdong HonghongddhddongMobile (Suzhou)
Denis KrivenkodnskrdnskrPlatform24
Duo ZhangzhangduoApache9Sensors Data
Fei WangfeiwangturbofeieBay
Fu ChenfchencfmcgradyXiaohongshu
Hongxiang Jiangjhx1008jhx1008NetEase
Jeff ZhangzjffduzjffdueBay
Kaifei YiyikaifeiYikfBaidu
Kent YaoyaoyaooqinnNetEase
Paul Linpaullinlink3280NetEase
Min Zhaozhaominzhaomin1423AntGroup
Nicholas JiangnicholasjiangSteNicholasBilibili
Qingbo JiaojiaoqingbojiaoqingboAsiaInfo
Senmiao Liulsmlsm1Trip
Shaoyun Chencsycxzl25Trip
Tianlin LiaotianlinliaotianlinliaoeBay
Vino YangvinoyangyanghuaT3
Willem Ning JiangningjiangWillemJiangByteDance
Xiduo Youulyssesyouulysses-youNetEase
Yaodong ZhangzhangyaodongiodoneXiaomi
Yi ZhuangerszhuuuuAngersZhuuuuShopee
Zhen WangwangzhenwForgetiQIYI
Zhou Yifanzhouyifanzhouyifan279NetEase

Become A Committer of Apache Kyuubi

Anyone being supportive of the community and working in any of the CoPDoC areas can become an Apache Kyuubi committer. The CoPDoC is an acronym from ASF to describe how we recognize your contributions not only by code.

Apache Kyuubi community strives to be meritocratic. Thus, once someone has contributed sufficiently to any area of CoPDoC they can be a candidate for committer-ship and at last voted in as a Kyuubi committer. Being an Apache Kyuubi committer does not necessarily mean you must commit code with your commit privilege to the codebase; it means you are committed to the Kyuubi project and are productively contributing to our community’s success.

Committer requirements:

There are no strict rules for becoming a committer or PMC member. Candidates for new committers are typically people that are active contributors and community members. Anyway, if the rules can be clarified a little bit, it can somehow clear the doubts in the minds of contributors and make the community more transparent, reasonable, and fair.

Continuous contributions

Committer candidates should have a decent amount of continuous engagements and contributions (fixing bugs, adding new features, writing documentation, maintaining issues boards, code review, or answering community questions) to Kyuubi either by contributing to the codebase of the main website or Kyuubi’s GitHub repositories.

Quality of contributions

Community involvement