Guide for Pull Requests

Review pull requests

Kyuubi encourage to help review pull requests of other developers which makes code more robust. The review guide can see Google’s Engineering Practices documentation.

Submit your pull requests


Before proceeding, it’s better to search the issues and pull requests history first. Likely, the problem or request has been discussed.

After checking, you can create a new issue to describe what want to do, and about issues, we have rich types to choose, see here.

Then submit your code within a pull request. If you are a new contributor, please follow this guide to get a gentle step-by-step introductionto setting up the development environment and making your first contribution.

# 1. Fork the repository on GitHub
#    Go to '' and click the 'Fork' button to your repository
# 2. Clone the repository locally using follow git cmd
     git clone${Github_user}/kyuubi.git
     cd kyuubi
# 3. Add git remmote repository
     git remote add origin${Github_user}/kyuubi.git
     git remote add apache
# 4. Set up your identifier
     git config "${Your_github_name}"
     git config "${Your_public_email}"
# 5. Create a new branch
     git checkout -b ${Your_branch_name}
# 6. Do your develop and commit the changes
     git commit -am "${Your_commit_information}"
# 7. Push your branch to your repository
     git push origin ${Your_branch_name}
# 8. Go to '' and click the 'new pull request' button

It is highly recommended providing a clear descriptions for a better code review process. Writing good pull request descriptions is a great way to help reviewers know what to expect when reviewing code. As developers, our responsibility is to fix issues or implement new features and clearly communicate the development work to reviewers. A developer can convey proposed code changes and their purposes either through detailed PR descriptions. They’re also a great way to help track things that should be done for every change, such as testing, adding unit tests, and updating documentation in the git log. See Pull Request Template.


It may take some time to wait other developer to review. Feel free to ping any committer who has worked on the similar area. In general, you can find out the right people to review your code through git commit history.

One more thing, Kyuubi leverages Github Actions to cover unit test and integration test on Linux AMD64 and TravisCI on Linux ARM64, so please make sure your pull request’s tests are green. It will Speed up the merging :).