Current PMC members

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Akira AjisakaAWS
Bowen LiangGF Securities
Cheng PanNetEase
Dongdong HongMobile (Suzhou)
Duo ZhangSensors Data
Fei WangeBay
Fu ChenDingXiangYuan
Hongxiang JiangNetEase
Jeff ZhangeBay
Kent YaoNetEase
Shaoyun ChenTrip
Vino YangT3
Willem Ning JiangByteDance
Xiduo YouNetEase
Zhen WangiQIYI

Become A PMC member of Apache Kyuubi

Anyone being supportive of the community and working in any of the CoPDoC areas can become an Apache Kyuubi PMC member. The CoPDoC is an acronym from ASF to describe how we recognize your contributions not only by code.

Apache Kyuubi community strives to be meritocratic. Thus, once someone has contributed sufficiently to any area of CoPDoC they can be a candidate for PMC membership and at last voted in as a Kyuubi PMC member. The PMC should take an active role in watching committers develop as community participants.

PMC member requirements:

There are no strict rules for becoming a PMC member. Candidates for new PMC member are typically committers that are stilling actively participate in the community development after obtaining the committer membership, or contributors and community members that make significant contributions to the community for both code and contributor develop.

It is a clear goal of Kyuubi to have all committers participate in the PMC based on their contributions, which are considered at a community level (not just a technical one).

Continuous contributions

PMC member candidates should have a decent amount of continuous engagements and contributions (fixing bugs, adding new features, writing documentation, maintaining issues boards, code review, mentoring new contributors, and answering community questions) to the Kyuubi codebase and community.

Quality of contributions

Community involvement