New committers: Dongdong Hong & Vino Yang

The Podling Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Kyuubi has invited Dongdong Hong & Vino Yang(yanghua) to become our committers and we are pleased to announce that they both have accepted.

Dongdong’s been active in helping deploy Kyuubi on Kubernetes, working on the Trino/Presto engine support and writing very small, surgical patches that are high quality.

Vino’s been active in building REST API for Kyuubi FE, currently focusing on the Flink SQL engine. He also puts a lot of effort into helping us build the community.

Please join me in congratulating Dongdong & Vino!

Being a committer enables easier contribution to the project since there is no need to go via the patch submission process. This should enable better productivity. A PPMC member helps manage and guide the direction of the project.