Apache Kyuubi(Incubating) 1.4.0-incubating Release Notes

Hi all,

In this release, Kyuubi supports the latest Spark 3.2, Z-Order to optimize sql, long running SQL engine without principal and keytab provided, mysql protocol frontend and mysql client. Other major updates includes GROUP engine.share.level support, asynchronous opening session, user-friendly kyuubi beeline and zookeeper authentication enhancement.

To download Apache Kyuubi (Incubating) 1.4.0-incubating, visit the downloads page.


Fully verified with the latest Spark 3.2

Support Z-Order to optimize SQL

Support long running SQL engine without principal and keytab provided

Support GROUP engine share level

Enhance USER engine share level support engine pool

Enhance zookeeper authentication and ACLs

Add more Kyuubi defined functions

Fully tested with all data lake platform Delta Lake, Iceberg and Hudi

Support both KERBEROS and PLAIN authentication at the same time

Support MySQL protocol frontend and MySQL client(experimental)

Support to launch query engine asynchronously during opening session and user-friendly Kyuubi Hive JDBC and BeeLine






Last but not least, this release would not have been possible without the following contributors: AnybodyHome, Brian Yue, Cheng Pan, Fei Wang, Fu Chen, Jagadesh Adireddi, Kent Yao, Min Zhao, Guoqing Yang, h, happytofly, hongdongdong, jiaoqingbo, qiuliang, qphien, senmiaoliu, simon, sunfangbin, sychen, timothy65535, ulysses-you, wFoget, xiebo03, xiongyinke, yanghua, yanyu34946, zhang1002, zhenjiaguo, zhouyifan279, zwangsheng, 张宇翔

2021 Dec 10