Release Notes - 1.6.1-incubating






[KYUUBI #3744][Bug] InvalidACL appears in engine after upgrade to Kyuubi 1.6.0
[KYUUBI #3774] Output OpenSessionCount when Engine is waiting for exit because it reaches the Max lifetime
[KYUUBI #3746] Support to specify multiple config items with --conf in kyuubi command line
[KYUUBI #3748] Adding metrics kyuubi.metadata.request.opened and fix flaky test - MetadataManagerSuite
[KYUUBI #3745] Closing existing seekable reader when adding extra log
Revert “[KYUUBI #3385] Set spark.kubernetes.executor.podNamePrefix if missing”
[KYUUBI #3730] Change the parameter annotation of the runRemoveJarOperation method to Remove-jar operation instead of Add-jar operation
[KYUUBI #3726] [DOCS] Place comments above line to avoid mislead users
[KYUUBI #3720][FOLLOWUP] Using correct config version for CTL_BATCH_LOG_ON_FAILURE_TIMEOUT
[KYUUBI #3720] Support to show remaining logs with timeout if the batch failed
[KYUUBI #3728] [CI] Store kyuubi-spark-batch-submit.log for IT spark on kubernetes batch test
[KYUUBI #3714] Use ServicesResourceTransformer to concatenating service entries
[KYUUBI #3711] PlanOnly should output engine logs to log files
[KYUUBI #3710] Delete the swagger UI related resource files from the source folder
[KYUUBI #3703][DOCS] Fix typo in localLog REST API
[KYUUBI #3715] Remove unexpected mysql connector jar
[KYUUBI #3701] Allow JDBC authencation to connect auth db with no user name
[KYUUBI #3705] Add docs for JDBC authentication usage with in-memory database
[KYUUBI #3685] Fix flaky test BatchRestApiSuite - basic batch rest client with invalid user
[KYUUBI #3385] Set spark.kubernetes.executor.podNamePrefix if missing
[KYUUBI #3664] [SPARK][K8S][BATCH] Kyuubi should set env SPARK_USER_NAME on submitting Spark batch job to K8s
[KYUUBI #3670] [SPARK][K8S] Fix Spark master match rule on tagging Spark application
[KYUUBI #3624][REST] Fix description typo of session REST open api
[KYUUBI #3627] Support vanilla Jetty for Spark packaged by sbt
[KYUUBI #3543][FOLLOWUP][1.6] Handle zookeeper watch events
[KYUUBI #3543] Handle zookeeper watch events
[KYUUBI #3619] Enhance JAVA_HOME detection to support RPM
[KYUUBI #3600] [SPARK][K8S] Respect default static port for web UI on Spark K8s cluster mode
[KYUUBI #3597] Engine should prefer ip for registering on K8s cluster mode
[KYUUBI #3555] [FEATURE] Helm install help set kyuubi pod global env
[KYUUBI #3598] Beeline doesn’t work with -e option when started in background
[KYUUBI #3504] Extend JDBC URL to support catalog
[KYUUBI #3527][SPARK][FOLLOWUP] spark.kubernetes.executorEnv should be spark.executorEnv
[KYUUBI #3568] [Bug] [Doris Engine] Fix return decimal, date, timestamp using string
[KYUUBI #3579] Use strict path in dist script to avoid unexpected cp behavior
[KYUUBI #3372] [BUILD] Enable -x on build/dist
[KYUUBI #3571] Fix NPE for batch command line
[KYUUBI #3566] Shade Zookeeper into spark engine jar
[KYUUBI #3519] Flink SQL Engine - GetColumns Operation
[KYUUBI #3539] [FEATURE][TPCDS] Add white list help run the specified queries
[KYUUBI #3562] Fix the outdate docs index
[KYUUBI #3560] Flink SQL engine supports run DDL across versions
[KYUUBI #3521] [TEST] Fix Flink flaky test - select count
[KYUUBI #3549][FOLLOWUP] Simplify test
[KYUUBI #3549] Support query id in Flink engine
[KYUUBI #3544] Fix bin/kyuubi stop check
[KYUUBI #3406] [FOLLOWUP] Add create datasource table DDL usage to Pyspark docs
[KYUUBI #3547] Fix Flink statements results validation
[KYUUBI #3406] [Subtask] [Doc] Add PySpark client docs
[KYUUBI #3527] [SPARK] Kyuubi should set env SPARK_USER_NAME for K8s deployment
[KYUUBI #3451] Implement GetInfo for JDBC engine
[KYUUBI #3510] Reading an uninitialized log should return empty rowSet
[KYUUBI #3522][FOLLOWUP] Fix benchmark results-dir
[KYUUBI #3522] [BUG][TPCDS] Fix benchmark –results-dir
[KYUUBI #3498] Fix GetTables operation in Flink
[KYUUBI #3502] [DOCS] Fix typo and use beeline provided by Kyuubi
[KYUUBI #3484] Implement isSigned method of ResultSetMetaData for Kyuubi JDBC driver
[KYUUBI #3452] Implement GetInfo for Trino engine
[KYUUBI #3459] [BUILD] Share jars to reduce binary release tarball size
[KYUUBI #3051][FOLLOWUP] Remove redundant serverIpAddress method in SparkSessionImpl
[KYUUBI #3453] [MINOR] Remove unused spark.version property from the pom file of kyuubi-extension-spark-common module
[KYUUBI #3122] GetInfo supports return server/engine info
[KYUUBI #3318] Transfer the TGetInfoReq to kyuubi engine side to check the connection valid and keep connection alive
[KYUUBI #3064] Fix scala NPE issue when adding non-local jar URI to class loader
[KYUUBI #3408] [TEST] Remove the unstable flink process builder test case
[KYUUBI #3208] Fix Flaky Test - MetadataManagerSuite: metadata request metrics
[KYUUBI #3315] Fast fail the kyuubi connection if the engine application has been terminated


Last but not least, this release would not have been possible without the following contributors:

2022 Nov 16