Template - Committer Invitation Accepted

Cc: private@kyuubi.apache.org
Subject: Re: invitation to become Kyuubi committer


Welcome. Here are the next steps in becoming a project committer. After that
we will make an announcement to the dev@kyuubi.apache.org.

You need to send a Contributor License Agreement to the ASF.
Normally you would send an Individual CLA. If you also make
contributions done in work time or using work resources,
see the Corporate CLA. Ask us if you have any issues.

You need to choose a preferred ASF user name and alternatives.
In order to ensure it is available you can view a list of taken IDs at

Please notify us when you have submitted the CLA and by what means 
you did so. This will enable us to monitor its progress.

We will arrange for your Apache user account when the CLA has 
been recorded.

After that is done, please make followup replies to the dev@kyuubi.apache.org list.
We generally discuss everything there and keep the
private@kyuubi.apache.org list for occasional matters which must be private.

The developer section of the website describes roles within the ASF and provides other

Just as before you became a committer, participation in any ASF community
requires adherence to the ASF Code of Conduct:

For additional steps to help you setup your committer membership, please also check:

The Apache Kyuubi PMC