Template - Complete Committer Invitation

To: private@kyuubi.apache.org, ${NEW_COMMITTER_EMAIL}
Subject: account request: ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME}


${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME}, as you know, the ASF Infrastructure has set up your
committer account with the username '${NEW_COMMITTER_APACHE_NAME}'.

Please follow the instructions to set up your SSH,
svn password, svn configuration, email forwarding, etc.

You have commit access to specific sections of the
ASF repository, as follows:

The general "committers" at:

If you have any questions during this phase, then please
see the following resources:

Apache developer's pages: https://www.apache.org/dev/

Naturally, if you don't understand anything be sure to ask us on the dev@kyuubi.apache.org. 
Documentation is maintained by volunteers and hence can be out-of-date and incomplete - of course
you can now help fix that.

A PMC member will announce your election to the dev list soon.

The Apache Kyuubi PMC