Template - [DISCUSSION] Invite New Committer(s)

To: private@kyuubi.apache.org
Subject: [DISCUSSION] Invite New Committer(s): ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_1}, ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_2}, ...


Hi Kyuubi PMC,

This is a call for discussing about adding ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_1}, ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_2}, ...
as Kyuubi committer(s). This discussion will stay open for at least 72 hours.

${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_1} is a ${ROLE} of ${ORG} from ${COUNTRY}.  

He/She has been working for

<work list 1> 

${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_2} is a ${ROLE} from ${ORG} from ${COUNTRY}.

He/She has been focusing on ...,

<work list 2> 

Are there any thoughts about inviting ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_1}, ${NEW_COMMITTER_NAME_2}, ...
to become a committer?

Best Regards,


It’s recommended to discuss committer candidates in different threads one by one. This makes it much easier to review the email archives.